Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Fond Farewell...

Farewell Canada!
As most visitors to this site will have noticed, I am no longer posting regular bird sightings from BC. This is wholly due to the small fact that Jenny and I no longer live in Canada and are once more residing in merry olde England.
I will keep the blog 'alive' as a resource for anyone who is planning a visit to this wonderful part of the world - the sightings archive should provide some clues as to the sorts of things a relatively active birder can hope to see on Vancouver Island over a period of time. The links too, are a handy reference.
I am always happy to hear from anyone heading out to BC in search of birds and will gladly offer any tips on locations, etc. to traveling birders. Email me at joncbirder AT     

I would like to thank all the wonderful BC birders that I had to pleasure to meet during my 3 years as a resident in both Nanaimo and Victoria. I'm sure that I will be back to visit from time to time, so I expect that you haven't seen the last of me!

And, if you would like to keep up with my birding exploits on the other side of the pond I am frequently updating the Birding Aldcliffe blog, detailing sightings on my local patch in Lancaster,  Lancashire.

Cheers, and as Douglas Adams so eloquently put it - 'So long, and thanks for all the fish'. 


  1. Thanks. If I ever get to Lancashire........

    Cheers, Doug Faulder
    Edmonton Alberta

  2. Thank you for keeping the blog alive ... as I just now found my way back here. I recently relocated to Seattle and hope to explore much more of British Columbia, its wildlife and its wild lands in the time we're living in the Northwest. I spent a year in Vancouver many moons ago, but it was long before I began photographing wildlife. As such, I'm seeing the entire region through new eyes, and look forward to perusing your archives.

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