Sunday, 3 January 2010

Larking about

Got down to the estuary for an hour or so late afternoon having moved what few belongings we have to the new place in Cedar.
I really wanted to relocate the American tree sparrow, but it wasn't to be.
I imagine that today's relatively mild, dry weather had removed the need for many of the passerines to flock together in such a way as they were a couple of days ago and consequently the groups of birds were far less concentrated in area and smaller in number. A decent gathering of juncos had only a couple of song sparrows, house finch and a ruby-crowned kinglet tagged on while a group of a dozen or so golden-crowned sparrow also included a fox and a Lincoln's sparrow.
Of note was a very bright male house finch in full song - lovely!
A northern shrike was in the long hedgerow and 6 western meadowlark were feeding the tall grass near the broom patch.
A flock of 26 red-winged blackbird were kicking about and a smart adult peregrine came over.
No sign of any SE owls (though it is good to note that one was seen recently) or harriers.

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