Thursday, 2 September 2010

Plenty of birds, too little time.

I dropped by at the Nanaimo River estuary (Raines Road) briefly on my home yesterday evening (Wed).
The juvenile northern harrier was hunting over the marsh, and a merlin was patrolling the long hedge. An adult bald eagle was cruising up and down the river. A couple of hooded merganser were on the water.
There were willow flycatchers feeding by the large oak, and again near the viewing platform. A common yellowthroat was lurking around in the brambles.
A flock of 28 pintail came over.
At 6.20pm, a common nighthawk flopped low over my head, and soon there were 6 hawking over the area.
Unfortunately, I was on a short leash and had to leave, but it certainly feels like autumn down there. Be interesting to see what movers through in the next few weeks.

* Again, a black swift was over Cedar later in the evening.

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