Monday, 27 December 2010

Birding down south

Jenny and I headed down to Victoria for a couple of days and this morning we took a stroll through Beacon Park and down to Clover Point.

In the park there were loads of American wigeon, plus a few ring-necked ducks, etc.

Offshore, there was loads of activity out over the water, but it was a touch frustrating as I was without my 'scope.
The usual common sea ducks, cormorants, common loons and such, were clearly visible within bins range. There were masses of gulls way out.
Of particular interest was a bird that looked to me like a female common eider. I am very used to seeing this species, as they're common in British waters. It was only the fact that I haven't seen any eiders since I arrived in BC that made me even question it - so, without my books to hand, I can't really check on status. IS common eider a frequent bird off Victoria?

A couple of black turnstone, 3 sanderling and a black oystercatcher were the only shorebirds seen.

Great to see so many Anna's hummingbirds; they're positively abundant down here!


  1. Common Eider is notably rare this far south--if you find the bird again, please let me know!
    All the best,

  2. Cheers Rick. Guy Monty and Chris Saunders have also pointed out the scarcity of common eider here. Had I been aware of the status at the time, I'd have put word out straight away.
    Unfortunately I didn't get time to look for it again before heading back north, but hopefully one of the Victoria birders will pull it out of the bag sometime soon.