Sunday, 2 January 2011

Red crossbills and dead car bills...

Jenny and I met up with Rich Mooney and Lori today before heading up to Little Mountain, just outside Parksville. I'd promised Jen a visit ever since going there for the first time on the Parksville CBC, and the day was suitably glorious.
We tried calling for pygmy owls but had no luck. A pileated woodpecker was yaffling away and knocking ten bells out of a tree, while red-breasted nuthatches showed well in the nearby trees.
Something of a surprise came in the form of a flock of 20ish red crossbills - otherwise thin on the ground around the island so far this winter.
Sadly the most notable vent of the day involved our car dying, and us having to rent a car while we wait to have the sickness diagnosed. This isn't going to be a cheap month. Happy bloody new year...  

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