Saturday, 9 April 2011

Last Post from Cedar - Hello Victoria!

Amongst the tedium and relative chaos of packing our belongings, hiring and driving a 16ft truck to Victoria and back, and giving our Cedar suite a thorough cleaning, I actually managed one last visit to the Nanaimo River estuary last Tuesday morning.
Apologies for the late posting, but a combination of zero internet service and lack of time for such luxuries prevented me from doing an update until now.
So, Tuesday - it seems like an age ago now... what were the highlights?

savannah sparrow
Well, the obvious arrival of the first savannah sparrows of the spring was notable, with at least 8 birds seen. Four of those were already establishing territories, and singing heartily.
Otherwise, it was pretty quiet with little to suggest the arrival of migrants.
A handful of turkey vultures drifted lethargically over during the morning, and the familiar 'resident' flickers, kingfishers, towhees, bald eagles and such went about their business as usual.
The Lincoln's sparrow was again with the golden-crowned sparrow flock by the large oak. 
A total of 3 northern harriers showed, 2 females and a male. Among the decreasing wildfowl out of the water were the expected species; gadwall, mallard, bufflehead, common merganser, green-winged teal, American wigeon and of course, Canada goose.

Now that we're 'settled' in Victoria, I'm looking forward to discovering what the south island has to offer a Brit Birder in BC!
I've had a wander around the local area, and have identified what may be a potentially interesting spot for migrants - the gardens and garry oak woodland area by Government House.
This is in easy walking distance, and given my penchant for local patching, could become something of a regular haunt.
I have no idea whether anyone already covers it, or whether it has any previous form, but I'll give it a whirl and see... So far my paltry, casual list there includes Anna's hummingbird, ruby-crowned kinglet, golden-crowned sparrow, Bewick's wren and hairy woodpecker, among other common birds.
Jenny and I walked down to the waterfront today, where we were treated to the sight of horned (Slavonian) grebes in spectacular breeding plumage, harlequin ducks, 20+ black turnstone, black oystercatchers and a pair of surfbirds.
Here's to a new home, and some new birds to find!


  1. Hi Jon/Jenny. Best of luck on your move to your new home & to Jon good local birding. JWB/Mavis

  2. Cheers John.
    I reckon the frequency of my birding will take a bit of a nosedive unfortunately, but it'll be interesting to discover new areas and to meet a whole new birding community!
    All the best to you and Mavis - and here's to a great spring!