Monday, 6 June 2011

Bunting hunting

The lazuli bunting was seen yesterday morning by at least one early birder, but I didn't get down there until late afternoon / early evening when there was no sight nor sound of it. Mind you, the couple who seemed to be cavorting right in the middle of the area where the bird was, might not have encouraged it to stick around.
It's a particular bugbear of mine; despite signs asking visitors not to let their dogs off the leash, do not cycle around the woodland trail, please keep to the paths and do not disturb the fenced off areas (labeled, clearly, if perhaps over-emotively, as a delicate ecosystem), I witness all the above being flouted with frustrating frequency. I suppose if there's one thing you can guarantee about people - build a lovely path around something, and a significant number will feel the need to crash through the middle of it.
Anyhoo, grumble over, a silent Pacific-slope type empid was the only other thing noted.

This morning, I was out just after 7am. Again the place appeared to be a bunting-free zone. Another empid showed up, alerting me kindly to its presence by actually calling and confirming its identity as a Pacific-slope flycatcher. Otherwise it was the usual fare, Cooper's hawk, orange-crowned warblers, etc etc. It was a beautiful morning down at Government House, and it was a joy to get out for some fresh air before heading home to slave over a hot computer.

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