Friday, 9 September 2011

Birding Time is Tight

Black turnstone
A quick post-earthquake / pre-hightide visit to Clover Point this afternoon was disappointing as far as seabirds were concerned.
Very few alcids were visible, and even gull numbers were very low.
Among the few gulls around the point, there were 4 Heermann's gulls.

Checking the weed-strewn rocks, there were 8 black turnstone (pictured) and 5 surfbirds (also pictured) feeding. 

Thanks to some rather pressing diversions, I've found little time to do any birding this week.
I have, at least, squeezed in a few brief visits to the woodland trail at Victoria's Government House thanks to its proximity to home.
While it hasn't exactly been jumping down there, I have noted a few interesting migrants including Pacific-slope flycatcher, several Wilson's warblers and white-crowned sparrows and a juvenile male western tanager. A family of northern flickers seem to have taken up residence, and the number of American robins seems to have increased notably.

Hopefully, I'll find a few hours in the next few days to get out a bit more... after all it IS autumn and ANYTHING could be out there!

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