Thursday, 3 May 2012

Water, water everywhere.

Just got back from a few days in Portland, Oregon where I was attending a conference on water quality. The fun never ends!
Anyhoo, if anyone up here is wondering where 'their' yellow-rumped warblers are, I can tell you; they're still in Portland. The city was absolutely awash with them. I saw literally hundreds every time I stepped out from the hotel or conference centre. Small clouds of them were descending and landing all over the place, flitting from pavement (sidewalk) to bushes to small trees surrounding car parks. I didn't see or hear any other warbler species among them.
The only other notable northbound birds included a skein of approximately 80 greater white-fronted geese over the east side of the city.
The undoubted avian highlight of my short visit was the smart western scrub jay that I came across in a slightly less than salubrious part of town while heading out to a gig by the wonderful Lambchop. I suppose I didn't really expect to see the jay so far north, and in such urban habitat.
Shows what I know.

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