Wednesday, 6 June 2012

California Dreamin'

California gull, Clover Point
Not done too much birding in recent days, unfortunately.
I did manage to get down to Clover Point briefly on Sunday afternoon, but of course it was under siege by a thousand dog walkers, kite fliers and rock hopping day trippers. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but notice the sudden influx of California gulls. The majority of the 40-odd birds present were 2nd and 3rd years, plus a lone adult. (The photo of the California gull here is one that I took at Clover Point last year.)
I noticed that Ian Cruikshank had gone down there later the same day and posted some 65 birds. Looking at last year's notes, I didn't notice the first notable arrival of California gulls at Clover Point until almost two weeks after this date.
The only other things of note were 9 black oystercatchers.

The Government House grounds continued to hold up to 3 olive-sided flycatchers over much of the weekend but by Sunday afternoon they had moved on, leaving just one very vocal western wood-pewee.
Looks like we're getting a bit late for a repeat of last year's lazuli bunting sighting, but you never know...

Meanwhile, my lunchtime walks to Langford Lake continue to provide a little light birding relief, and today I added two new species for my non-existent lake-list. A pair of wood duck were paddling around near the boat launch, and the Swainson's thrush that has been loudly singing from the vegetated depths for the past few days finally gave superb views as it belted out its clamorous song.

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