Thursday, 29 October 2009

Good weather for otters

Wet, with terrible visibility, and windy for most of today and birding opportunities were non-existent with the exception of staring at the drizzly sea from the condo.
Even still, a group of Pacific loons were just about visible while the usual cormorants and common loons were present, if in somewhat lower numbers. In fact much of the regular stuff, horned grebes, surf scoters etc were notable by their absence. Presumably they seek more sheltered waters nearby?
Added fox sparrow to the 'house-list' - one joined the regular song sparrows, juncos and towhees and we had a visit from a fine male varied thrush.
A couple of crossbills were zipping around overhead and a bedraggled red-tailed hawk came in-off the sea.
A small flock of small waders was seen distantly offshore - couldn't get much on them but they had the look of dunlin about them.
Mid afternoon I noticed a pair of Northern river otters just outside the window, they emerged from the water and proceeded to roll around together on the grass. I nipped back for my camera just in time to catch them before they left (or quite possibly before I disturbed them...). Watch the video here! (Look out Simon King...)

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