Monday, 26 October 2009

Morning glory

While not quite in the same league as yesterday's stunning sunrise, I looked out the bedroom window this morning and saw 3 black oystercatchers wandering around on the rocks by the jetty. I couldn't resist the chance to take a crap photo of them and hastily ran off for my scope, stuck my trusty snapper up to the eyepiece and bingo! Mind you, it was a bit cold stood on that balcony in just my pyjamas...

Late in the morning (fully dressed by now) I had an hour or so at Buttertubs Marsh while Jenny was downtown seeing to some work stuff.
Wasn't too birdy though I did note the the following:
Cooper's hawk, a juvenile bird made two slow passes over the sanctuary and certainly kept the wigeon on alert.
2 female pintail were amongst a group of mallard - the first I've seen at this site.
No sign of the 'Eurasian-style' wigeon among its American congeners, despite a thorough grilling. Shame, as I wanted to get a better look at it in good light.
Again, plenty of coot and gadwall around plus the 3 ringed-necked duck but only 2 green-winged teal. Up to 3 pied-billed grebe seen.
Amongst the more notable passerines were at least 6 yellow-rumped warbler and 3 cedar waxwing with a feeding flock of bushtit around the car park. Also present were a couple of ruby-crowned kinglet, a Bewick's wren and chestnut-backed chickadees.

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