Sunday, 8 November 2009

Awkward aythyas

Pretty much a birding-free weekend, Saturday was spent having a grand day out on Saltspring Island while on Sunday Jenny and I took a walk around Hemer Park.
Not too much here, the pool was the quietest I've seen it. That said, the 50+ gadwall were still in attendance and a handful of hooded merganser, 2 American wigeon and the odd mallard were seen.
The woodland was very quiet with only the occasional red-breasted nuthatch, chestnut-backed chickadee and kinglet heard as we went along the trails.
At Holden Lake a couple of red-breasted merganser were amongst a wildfowl flock made up mainly of common merganser (goosander) and Barrow's goldeneye, with a few wigeon and coot thrown in for good measure.
A group of 7 scaup were here too, though I couldn't be sure which species they were - they looked good for lesser, while one lone female was almost certainly a greater... I think i'll leave them as scaup sp.!

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