Friday, 13 November 2009

Learned hummer

Another day without any time for birding proper, but I did notice a large southerly movement of Bonaparte's gulls through Stuart Channel this morning, numbering over 1000 birds in a very short time period. Amazing.

Otherwise, the usual stuff offshore included numerous common loons, a few Pacific loons, several horned grebes (right), 1 pied-billed grebe (left), surf and white-winged scoters, American wigeon, harlequin ducks, buffleheads, Barrow's goldeneyes (new in), double-crested cormorants, pigeon guillemot etc.

Later at the University campus we came across an Anna's hummingbird, which was in the small trees by the car park at Nanaimo Art Gallery.

Made a quick stop at the end of Raines Road, on our way home, where we saw a short-eared owl and juv northern harrier hunting over the marsh. At least 11 trumpeter swans were on out on the water while a further party of 5 adults with 3 juvs were on the river.

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