Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another post-work birding visit to the Nanaimo estuary

Once again the weather was kind and I managed 45 minutes at the Nanaimo River estuary on my way home this evening.
There were several hundred gulls coming in to roost at the river mouth, but I couldn't dig out anything different out from the mass of glaucous-winged, and associated glaucous-winged mutants, other than a few California and Thayer's gulls. 
A group of c50 common goldeneye were on the river, as were a handful of trumpeter swans and a few gadwall, teal, mallard etc.
Three northern harriers made appearances - adult female, male and juv.
A northern shrike was the first I've seen here for some time. Return passage bird?
Other passerines were thin on the ground, just a small flock of juncos and a single fox sparrow to speak of.
A single short-eared owl showed well briefly before heading off to hunt in the fields.


  1. Your dedication to your local patch deserves Kudos. Way to go Jon! You know something will show and my guess is that it will be very soon!

  2. Cheers Rich - I hope that special 'something' does turn up soon! I'm actually going to have to say farewell to my patch shortly, and I'm sure to miss a great bird this spring... I'm sure that one of the other local birders will make me green with envy with a real crippler!