Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cut Across Shorty

Made a quick stop by the Nanaimo River estuary after work today and had a quick check while Jenny remained in the car and occupied herself with a sudoku (or sodoku, or soduko...).

I took a walk along the hedge, it was quiet. I scanned the marsh, it was quiet. I checked the posts and shrubs for bluebirds, phoebes, etc, they were quiet. I looked up, it was quiet.

Then just as I was about to call it a day, I nearly stood on a short-eared owl. It flew up from its temporary roost and flopped off, dropping down again approximately 100 metres away. Having not seen any owls for several days, and given the rather unfamiliar orangey appearance of this bird, I suspect it was a migrant as opposed to one of the wintering ones. Needless to say, I left it where it was.
Checking the distant small trees along the embankment, I noticed a northern shrike actively hunting.
Then I went home.

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