Monday, 8 August 2011

It's All Clover

Squeezed in a couple of hours down at Clover Point late morning / early afternoon today.
Couldn't dig anything out from the 1000 or so California gulls roosting around the point, other than a few glaucous-winged and 15 Heermann's gulls. 100s more gulls, mainly Cali's were feeding offshore.
There were also hundreds of rhinoceros auklets out on the water, and streaming by in flocks. Common murres were also plentiful, but nowhere as near as numerous as the rhinos. Just 2 marbled murrelets were seen.
A single western sandpiper dropped by briefly, before flying off in a south easterly direction, and a pair of black oystercatcher (pictured) were roosting among the gulls. Thanks to the gulls having congregated on the rocks below the point, the car was spared the usual splattering...

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