Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ringing the Changes

Had a wander down to Clover Point this morning, but as I was 'scopeless I was pretty limited to what was close inshore. There were lots of rhinoceros auklets out there, but I couldn't see much else. Among the 200 or so gulls, mainly California's, were 36 Heermann's gulls. The only wader was a lowly black oystercatcher.
A mink put in an appearance, rolling around and scenting a washed up log.

Late afternoon / early evening I returned with my 'scope and I was at least able to scan further offshore.
There were hundreds of rhinoceros auklets, some in large floating rafts. I also counted at least 50 common murres, though only 2 pigeon guillemots were seen.
4 red-necked phalarope were flitting around and feeding alongside some floating weed racks.
A lovely adult ring-billed gull (pictured) dropped in briefly, joining the assembled gulls on the grassy area.  

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