Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Blue-wingers linger

Jenny and I had a fortunate hour at the Nanaimo River yesterday evening, when we had a good 40 minutes of lovely sunshine - not something we've seen too much of lately...
Couldn't relocate the bunting, and other than a river otter, which performed well for us, it was relatively quiet until a cloud of c140 black swift came over and fed over the river and adjacent fields.
An osprey flew through just as we were leaving.

This evening, I headed down to Holden Creek for a root about. The persistent drizzle was keeping most of the passerines hidden away, and it was generally dull, on the bird front.
As usual, a few spotted sandpiper were on the creek and on the back pool there were 3 blue-winged teal, all drakes, and a greater yellowlegs (both pictured). I'm surprised that thing's still hanging around, I assume it's a non-breeder... Will it remain through the summer, until the first post-breeding birds start moving through?    

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