Thursday, 17 June 2010

There Will Be Blood

Took an hour out, just to feed the mosquitoes again this evening.
There wasn't a great deal going on, on the birding front, down at the Nanaimo River estuary.
There seem to be good numbers of fledged white-crowned sparrows around, and a family party of bushtits were feeding along the long hedge. Quiet a few cedar waxwings were kicking around too.
A drake gadwall was with 3 mallard at the river mouth and a racoon was searching along the water's edge for something to eat.
I caught a glimpse of a bird on the opposite side of the river, from the platform, which very much reminded me of the female Bullock's oriole I saw a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good look at it. I haven't heard anything that sounds like that species' song down there, but I wonder if there's a pair nesting nearby?    

The mystery bird voting tool has reappeared, but I've lost the counts-so-far. So, if you identified the bird in the pic, you might want to vote again... sorry!

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