Sunday, 20 June 2010

Brief weekend round-up...

Not too much to report from over the weekend; I visited some areas that were new to me, while atlas-ing on Saturday (but didn't find anything wildly exciting) and had a couple of trundles around the local area.
Good to see black-headed grosbeaks still around, with a male in Hemer Park, and a pair near Cable Bay Trail plus western tanagers at both sites too.
I got great views of a black-throated grey warbler today on the Cable Bay Trail, gleaning caterpillars at eye level. Bizarrely, this is the first one I've seen this year on Vancouver Island. Lovely stuff!
Three ospreys circling together, in south Cedar, made for an impressive sight.
Plenty of young birds around, towhees seemed particularly evident today. There were two broods of wood duck on the pool at Hemer, plus a pied-billed grebe there.
I'm also enjoying the profusion of dragonflies all over the place, though still haven't got a field guide to confirm the identity of many of them... I believe the one I photographed here, is a California darner. Please feel free to correct me.  

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