Monday, 28 February 2011

Early Migrants Make A Show

Popped over to Quennell Lake after work this evening, to see if anything was going on.
The place was notably devoid of the usual large gaggles of Canada geese; the collection of decoy birds behind the farm probably went some way to explaining why they might be avoiding the area...
Just 6 trumpeter swans were in the area and all the shovelers present a couple of days ago had moved out.
In fact, duck numbers were low all round with just a couple of ring-necked duck, common and hooded mergansers to be seen out on the lake. In the shallower waters there were a dozen pintail and 18 mallard.
The most notable thing was the singing of red-winged blackbirds, who were in fine voice. As I scanned briefly through them I noticed 6 brown-headed cowbirds, my first of the spring. Did I say spring? Hahaha... didn't bloody feel like it.

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  1. Spring is in the air across here in Jockland, birds singing, Lesser Black Backed Gull back on Lossiemouth estuary....... and minus 2 degrees.