Thursday, 10 February 2011

Post-work birding

Managed a quick sprint down to the Nanaimo River estuary after work tonight.
The tide was a million miles out, so waterbirds were either absent or simply too distant to bother trying to discern with any degree of accuracy.
A couple with 3 very lively and noisy dogs were out on the river mouth, adding further to the dearth of birds.
The only aves of note came in the form of a couple of northern harriers that flew in, in tandem, from the south-east. They were both juv-types, and given their size and structure one each male and female.


  1. Thankfully the days are beginging to lenthen so your birding should increase Jon All the best JWB.

  2. hi John - yep, I always start getting excited at this time of year, as the promise of lighter mornings and evenings means an end to weekends-only birding!
    Hope you're well, and are also looking forward to some great birding this coming spring.

  3. I think their appearance on tandem would have been far more interesting. Ray