Saturday, 5 February 2011

Nanaimo Mockingbird Still Present

A slew of urgent chores and such ate into any potential birding time today, I'm sorry to say.
However, as a large chunk of the necessary things needing my undivided attention were in the Parksville area I was able, at least,  to casually spot a couple of American kestrels as I went about my business.
One was on wires by the highway near the Ugly Dwarf Meadows and another was seen on the Errington road near the Cozy Stove restaurant, or whatever it's called.
On my way back, late afternoon I managed to squeeze in a quick stop by Brannen Lake, Nanaimo where the northern mockingbird soon showed. It was doing the rounds of its usual haunts. The picture here was taken a few weeks ago, when I first saw the bird.
A cursory scan over the lake failed to reveal any loons, or indeed many waterbirds at all.

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