Thursday, 24 December 2009

All about Eve

Again, no real opportunities for any real birding today what with having to track down a Christmas Pudding, having an informal job interview which resulted in my agreeing to start on Tuesday (Happy Christmas to me!) and sorting out some friends chickens and cats while they're off visiting family in Port Alberni.
So, with all that to deal with my avian encounters were somewhat restricted this bright, sunny Christmas Eve, though an impressive flock of 24 varied thrush were feeding on the lawned area by the condo. Offshore a group of 30ish black turnstone were clambering around on an exposed rock with a dozen dunlin and 2 black oystercatcher.

Jolly Christmas to all - whether you choose to recognise it, celebrate it or otherwise.

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  1. Hello Jon... says Ray... just to let you know we are still reading about you over here in ice-age England. The marsh is white with ice, the maize fields are like tundra, Freeman's is frozen solid and so am I... good (or bad, I suppose) for Water Rails though, and there are 3 lovely Barnacle Geese with the 300+ strong Greylag flock on the inland fields. Plus,a Little Owl flew right past my back garden around mid-day... not a house tick by any means, but rather unusual. I hope you are having a smashing Christmas over there.I rememebr All about Eve... they had a lovely singer ( in both senses of the word). These last few days I have been mostly listening to Aerial, especially the Sea of Honey one, partly becasue it is brilliant and moving and so on, but also to remind me of warmer times.