Sunday, 13 December 2009

Great-horned owl, great!

I was delighted to bag a long anticipated, new bird this morning (very early this morning) when Jenny and I had pretty good views of a great-horned owl hunting around the slipway of the Duke Point Highway and McMillan Road around 12.30am. Nice!
I'll have to count up my Vancouver Island list one of these days...

Today, we went for a walk down to Hemer Park and back into Cedar along the Morden Colliery Trail.
Just before we got to the car park we flushed a couple of Wilson's snipe from a ditch by the roadside.
The pool in Hemer was still frozen over but there were still 9 trumpeter swans present in a small area of water at the water's edge. Here too were a pair of gadwall and 5 hooded mergansers.
The woods were typically quiet and little else of note was seen but the walk was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours on a cool December afternoon.

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