Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Through the square window...

Didn't get out to do any birding today so the highlights came from mainly staring out at the sea for a while this morning.
A couple of distant marbled murrelets had me trying desperately to string them as ancients but when they turned and the sun illuminated them properly I had to concede...
A pigeon guillemot spent some time blogging around offshore while the other usual occupants of the water (common loon, horned grebe, harlequin, bufflehead, surf scoter etc) were all present and correct.
An otter was fishing, succesfully, and a small group of American wigeon came into the small bay at Blue Heron Park.
A California quail once again came to the food pile although the number of passerines visiting my generous avian festive feast was much reduced. Just 2 juncos, 1 fox sparrow and a towhee in the time I was watching.

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  1. I grew up on waterfront property just down the beach from Arcady south of Ladysmith. Its very much different now then what it was in the 60s. Holland Creek and even the Lagoon had many chum salmon returing most years. Bush Creek had 1000s

    Ladysmith Harbor was alive with salmon jumping in November. Black Brant came every spring to feed on the eel grass by the 1000s. I recall dozens of eagles fishing for the large bullheads in the creek at the head of the bay. Cuthroat could be taken with oyster bait fishing for perch.

    Sadly its much different now, but yet remains a wonderful place to bird. Wait till you discover the remote mainland inlet estuaries.

    All the best from Victoria