Thursday, 17 December 2009

Warbler brightens already bright morning

Well, after the sub-zero temperatures, carpets of snow and some grim drizzle it was a pleasure to awake to a morning with bright-ish skies and an almost balmy mildness about it.
Jen dropped me off at Roberts Memorial Park on her way to the metropolis that is Nanaimo, and I had a stumble about in there for an hour or so. Even the Pacific tree frogs were impressed with the change in the weather and several were calling, but despite my best efforts I couldn't actually see any of the small beasties.
The forest was typically fairly quiet bar the occasional red-breasted nuthatch or crossbill calling until I came across a nice feeding flock near the car park. Brown creepers, r.b. nuthatches, golden-crowned kinglets, chestnut-backed chickadees all responded half-heartedly to my pishing and then a cracking male Townsend's warbler appeared amongst them. Lovely.
Walking back to the condo there were a few flocks of pine siskin passing over, the largest numbering about 70 birds. A downy woodpecker was once again in the apple tress over the road.

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