Friday, 19 February 2010

Nanaimo River estuary

Popped by the Nanaimo River estuary on my way home from work this evening - ever optimistic...
My enthusiasm was a little more founded today at least, and I soon had sight of the juvenile northern harrier perched on a dead tree stump up by the 'long hedge'. It soon took off, and hunted briefly over the fields in the fading light.
A quick scan from the viewing platform revealed little - although I did notice that the tide was very low and  as a result all the silhouetted birds were way, way off. A couple of hundred gulls came over from somewhere inland, and settled to roost out on the mudflats.
Then a short-eared owl appeared. It was hunting along the river's edge on the opposite bank.

I left as a rather lovely sunset was taking over the landscape...

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