Sunday, 7 February 2010

Snow business like goose business

Following a morning's communication with friends and family back in Blighty, via the magic of Skype and the good old-fashioned telephone, we decided to take advantage of the decent weather and go for a walk around Westwood Lake. Unfortunately, when we got there, a low cloud/mist meant that things weren't quite so bright, but we circumnavigated the lake anyway.
The paths were busy-ish and, being early afternoon, bird activity was at a minimum. We heard crossbills, red-breasted nuthatch and Steller's jay, saw a few chestnut-backed chickadees, a downy 'pecker and a bald eagle but it wasn't really birdy at all. Which suited Jenny.
Something of a surprise though, was a juvenile snow goose in with a group of Canadas at the north end of the lake. I think I'm right in saying that this is the first time I've seen the species on the island, and this really wasn't the sort of place I expected to find one...
The attached pic, which is terrible even by my usually low standards, was taken by holding my camera up to my binocular eyepiece, so under the circumstances I think it's pretty good! Mike Yip, Ralph Hocken et al, can all rest easy...
Other wildfowl present on the lake included common mergansers and buffleheads.

We left Westwood and headed for the relative peace and quiet of the Nanaimo River Regional Park. Again, it wasn't very birdy, but the place has a good feel and I reckon it should be pretty productive once  spring really gets going. We'll see.

Also pictured: the spooky northern end of Westwood Lake and Jenny inspects the Nanaimo River.

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