Monday, 22 February 2010

owls about that...

Thought I'd have a scout around, or more appropriately a listen, at Hemer Park this evening and chose dusk to see if any emerging owls were being vocally territorial.
The signs were good, there were no cars in the parking area and the skies were clear as could be - the half moon was helpfully bright. Unfortunately the two dogs that reside at the house down there, spotted me lurking about and decided to kick of a chorus of barks and yelps, which in turn enticed every other canine in hearing distance to join in. Great. After a few minutes of this I crept off and hid behind a tree, which did the trick and they soon stopped their protests.
Meanwhile no owls were calling.
Then, I was overjoyed as a truck being barely controlled by a young halfwit, came screeching down the road. I think he was a bit upset at my being there, as I imagine he and his hillbilly girlfriend had romance on their mind. He displayed his displeasure by revving his silly truck very loudly and screeching off at what seemed to me to be rather inappropriate speed. He cleverly emphasised his frustration further by stopping, revving loudly again and once more launching off with the sound of screeching tyres and gravel ringing in his ears. After a couple more versions of this pointless exercise, even he got bored and sped off toward some other dark spot, to seduce the soon-to-be-mother-of-his-child.
After this little incident, I decided that I'd go home and think about where I could go owling next time...        

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