Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spring-like day punctuated by comma...

Jenny and I walked to Hemer Park this afternoon, once again in glorious sunshine.
The woods were alive with the sounds of nuthatches, chickadees and kinglets. Flickers and hairy woodpeckers were drumming (the former, on the metal junction box of a telegraph pole) and robins were gathering nest material. A winter-soon-to-be-Pacific wren was singing and juncos were chasing each other around the shrubbery.
On the marshy pool, the trumpeter swans had gone, and just a few birds were present including hooded and common merganser, ring-necked duck, bufflehead and mallard.
We came across our first butterfly of the year, a comma of some sort... (green comma?) I don't yet have a butterfly guide for this part of the world, that's another thing I need to buy! If anyone reading this can identify it from the above pic, I'd be very grateful.
On Hemer Lake, a pair each of trumpeter and mute swans were present, as were good number of common mergansers and ring-necked ducks plus smaller numbers of lesser scaup, bufflehead and a pair of Barrow's goldeneye.
We left Hemer via the Morden Colliery trail back into Cedar. En route, we noticed a couple of dozen very excited ravens, and a couple of eagles, feasting on the corpse of some unfortunate, sizeable creature, by a small farm. Benevolent farmer helping out his local corvids? Poisoned bait? Who knows...
A red-tailed hawk was perched up by the path as we neared the town.
The best bird of the day, however, was feeding on the front lawn when we got home - a slate-coloured, dark-eyed junco. Very nice!

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  1. You haven't put Grumpy Grouse in your list of choices.
    Says Ray