Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A day of two halves

My lunchtime stroll around the Nanaimo waterfront today was a little more interesting than it has generally been of late (though, in fairness, yesterday a lone black oystercatcher was flying around).
A group of around 50 gulls were bathing just offshore. The majority were glaucous-winged, though several Californias were present, and a single adult herring gull (or at least, as close to a 'pure' one as any that I've seen over here). A couple of mew gulls were flying around, as usual.
Red-breasted merganser, common and Barrow's goldeneye & bufflead were busy fishing, as were pelagic and double-crested cormorants.
A 'mini-influx' of robins were feeding on the grassed areas with a pair of flickers and a pair of starling. The male Anna's hummingbird was making its funny farty noises, and posing well in the weak sunlight - gorget all aglow!

After work I made a dusk visit to the Nanaimo River estuary. Once again, I had the place to myself for the brief period of remaining daylight.
22 trumpeter swans were out on the marsh, they were joined by another 8, which came in in 3 small separate groups flying from the south-east.
A northern harrier, presumably the regular juv, was perched up in a distant hawthorn out in the fields and a short-eared owl eventually made an appearance in the fading light.

Oh, the answer to the mystery gamebird will be posted soon... (been delayed for reasons too dull to bore you with)

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