Thursday, 11 March 2010

Withdrawal pays out

With the exception of my old chum, the male Anna's hummer in Nanaimo's Mafeo-Sutton Park, I've not really seen much this week...
I was having some serious withdrawal symptoms, and so I dashed off down to Quennell Lake after work this evening, for a quick scout around.
There were still in the region of 750 Canada geese grazing around the lake edges and amongst them was a juv snow goose and at least 2 cackling geese.
Please observe the magnificent photo of said snow goose on the left... or is it a white plastic bag blowing past?
A family party of 5 trumpeter swans were on the water, as were up to 50 common merganser. Several American wigeon were present, as were bufflehead, mallard, green-winged teal, pintail and a minimum of 18 shoveler.

Of note: I suspect that there may be a heronry in the woodland by Cedar/Quennell Road, as at least 30 birds were 'flushed' out of it. They flew low around the tree tops in circles, before dropping back down out of sight.

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