Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Lake Late Show

Despite, or probably because of, the rain, decided to have a look around Quennell Lake this evening.
Not too much really to report, though there was an apparent increase in lesser scaup. I counted 56.
Also, around 60 common merganser were also there. Still approximately 60 or so shoveler, plus 30ish bufflehead and a few green-winged teal, pintail, mallard and American wigeon.
Good numbers of both tree and violet-green swallow were feeding over the lake and a bald eagle was cruising up and down.
As usual there were great-blue herons all over the place... oh, and best of all a beaver swan across! Forgive me, but I doubt I'll ever tire of seeing those...

Yesterday evening, Jenny and I walked to Hemer Park. Not excessively birdy, but it was great hearing the melancholic varied thrushes' haunting whistles throughout the forest.
A couple of ring-necked duck were on the pool along with pied-billed grebes, hooded mergansers and, er, mallard. A very loud barred owl was barking away from the depths of the forest, and kindly totally took no notice whatsoever of my crappy efforts to imitate it. On the way back home, a Cooper's hawk flew past us.
Incidentally, on my way home from work yesterday, a sharp-shinned hawk was being harried by a northwestern crow near the dump, and a turkey vulture drifted over the road at Cedar. Oh, and a pair of 'doves' flew across the road near the Co-Op gas station near the Cedar Rd junction. They looked like collared doves from the brief view I got...

And I'm starting to think that the current mystery bird is wwwwaaaayyyy too easy..!


  1. Jon

    Probably a stupid question but the piccie of the great blue heron looks rather similar to the UK Grey Heron - although a bit of a purpley tinge. Is this the case - ie same bird different geographical name or are they two species?

    Hope all's well with you both - waiting for the modelling shots of you in an Elvis jumpsuit!!!


  2. Hi Greg - good to hear from you!

    Not a stupid question at all - they do look superficially similar, but they are quite distinct species. Great blue heron is a significantly bigger, darker bird, and the main physical distinctions are, as you noticed, the purplish tinge to the neck (white in grey heron) and deep red/maroon thighs (again, white in grey heron). Hope that helps!

    Jenny says 'hi' - and I'm still working on the jumpsuit... or rather she is!