Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Raptor raptures

Despite the only bird of note yesterday being the female northern harrier, I decided once again on a post-work trawl around the Nanaimo River estuary, this evening.

My optimism was actually rewarded, and I found a lovely female American kestrel. Despite the occasional unwanted attention from a couple of ravens, the bird seemed quite content and was hunting from a variety of posts and small trees. Nice.
A couple of tree swallows zipped through. I think I'm getting the hang of telling these from violet-greens, without having to clinch any salient plumage points, on the overall shape and jizz - the longer tail of tree seems quite apparent. Or am I deluded?
Again, the female northern harrier appeared from across the river and headed straight to the same area as last night - presumably to roost.
A belted kingfisher was rattling around.
Other than 7 great-blue herons bill-snapping in the big oak, it was fairly quiet.


  1. Have you checked lately to see if that "abyss" has got any wider? I think we need to know!
    Don't make the mistake of measuring an abbess or an abscess...it can lead to trouble.
    I hope you are well.

  2. Hi Ray - I really should go and check the abyss again, goodness knows how much it has widened since October... now the weather's really perking up (it's actually like spring over here - during springtime, weird) I shall be getting lost in the wilderness more regularly. Maybe I should set 'AbyssWatch' and see if I can get Kate Humble to co-host it with me?
    Al the best!

  3. Please can you let me have your e-mail address - I deleted your e-mail by accident before I could reply


    Pete (Marsh)