Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Am I being gull-ible?

Headed down to Buttertubs Marsh with Adrian for a bit of early morning birding and it was rather quiet, unfortunately.
Wildfowl comprised: 3 drake hooded merganser, 1 drake ring-necked duck, 2 mallard, 3 wood duck (inc brood of 7 ducklings) and a bunch of those Canada geese. A western tanager made an appearance.
Good numbers of common yellowthroat, yellow warbler, etc around. A male Anna's hummingbird showed well, as did a racoon - providing Adrian with a mammal tick! Still didn't hear any frackin' rails - what's going on?!

Yesterday - incidentally, I came across this gull in Nanaimo. It was very white, as you can see, and rather dainty compared to the nearby glaucous-wingeds. I assume it's a very worn and bleached-out 1st w GW, it's all dark bill suggests that, as much as anything else (and I doubt a Kumlien's would turn up here!). It actually had no tail, which was odd. Anyway, any thoughts would be welcome!

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