Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Spots before my eyes

Very pleasant, though not too birdy down at the Nanaimo River estuary. Hardly surprising really, given that a pair of free-range, 'ownerless' alsatians were running around the marsh for around 40 minutes - mainly chasing savannah sparrows.
A greater yellowlegs was on the river, as was a single least sandpiper.
2 American goldfinch were zipping about as were a couple of crossbill. No real evidence of any migrants, other than 4 golden-crowned sparrows, a yellow-rumped and a handful of orange-crowned warblers. Female northern harrier still around.
Then, at 8.20am, a huge skein of c.450-500 white-fronted geese headed south, followed by another of c160 around 5 minutes later.

After work I headed to Holden Creek. A few more least sandpipers around this evening, but still only 35 in total. Another spotted sandpiper had arrived, and it was great to watch the slightly larger female displaying to the rather timid male. First time I've ever seen this - ace!  
Looks like the white-fronts had got the hint this morning and moved on...
Otherwise, regular stuff included red-tailed hawks, killdeer, goldfinches plus cliff, tree, violet-green & barn swallows.


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