Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tanager tops tally

Another delightful morning down on the estuary.

No sign of any passerine migrants, just the regular stuff. There were yellow-rumped, orange-crowned and yellow warblers and a couple of American goldfinch in the big oak.
A small party of red crossbill were flying around and the usual savannah and white-crowned sparrows were scattered around. A single golden-crowned sparrow made an appearance.
5 least sandpiper flew over from the river and I could hear a greater yellowlegs calling somewhere.
A air of cinnamon teal made a surprise appearance, dropping in onto one of the small pools below the platform. They hugged the shaded bank for a few minutes before taking off and flying back across the river and onto the marsh. I managed to get a typically crappy shot, as you can see.

The highlight of my working day was seeing an osprey from my newly acquired window seat!

In the evening my old chum, visiting from merry old England, Adrian 'Ziggy' Dawson and I went for a stroll down to Hemer Park. Highlights included a superb male western tanager, which responded nicely to some pishing. We also saw marsh wren, Pacific-slope flycatcher, brown creeper, chipping sparrow and what-have-you.
Muskrat was a nice new mammal for my Hemer list!

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