Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Early birder swiftly does it

Squeezed a quick half hour down at the estuary this morning on my way to work. Seemed quite birdy with a few seemingly new yellow warblers around and a couple of spotted sandpiper on the river.
Couldn't find anything too exciting, unfortunately, but just as I was about to leave a single Vaux's swift came over and spent around 30 seconds flitting around close by and giving great views. Last time I saw one of these in BC was back in '92 or '93, or whenever it was I first visited Vancouver Island...

Later, in the evening, Mr Dawson and I headed down to Cable Bay Trail to follow up on a Cassin's vireo nest that he had found earlier in the day. While we were there, a barred owl was betrayed by 'pinking' robins and we heard several, and saw one, Swainson's thrush.  

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