Thursday, 5 August 2010

Muggy, muddy, soggy creek

The early drizzle filled me with encouragement this morning, and I dashed off to Holden Creek for a pre-work root about. It was initially cool, but became muggy pretty quickly thanks to the smokey atmosphere (forest fires on the mainland have caused some pretty smoggy conditions over here, for those not in the know).
It was low tide and it seemed pretty birdless on the creek. The first things I came across were a pair of semi-palmated plovers - only the second time I've seen them here, a pair came through in early May.
A single killdeer was keeping close company.
A single lesser yellowlegs was with 6 least and 1 western sandpiper on the far section of the creek, and a group of 3 lesser yellowlegs were on what was left of the marsh pools.
Another group of 7 least sandpiper and another lesser-legs were on the sluiced channel at the back of the marsh.
There were lots of brown-headed cowbirds around, mostly juvs plus good numbers of white-crowned and savannah sparrows. A family group of orange-crowned warblers were feeding in gorse along the path.

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