Monday, 9 August 2010

Old Habits Die Hard

While checking through the few gulls down on the beach in Nanaimo at lunchtime, a pale flash of gull-like bird whizzed past my bins, all I got was black on the head and a bright orange bill - my obviously-still-not acclimatised bird-brain immediately thought 'Mediterranean gull', but obviously as soon as I found it and looked at it, it was clearly a Caspian tern. I must try and turn that 'autopilot' facility off.

On my way home this evening, I dropped by the Nanaimo River estuary at Raines Road, as it was the rising tide. Unfortunately, my work footwear (a sturdy pair of Doc Martens, rugged but not especially good for wading through water) prevented me from going out too far but I could see small groups of peeps flying around at the water's edge.
A cautious trudge, got me close to some waterlogged areas, and I found 3 lesser yellowlegs and several least sandpipers but nothing else. A slightly bulkier calidrid was among one flying group of leasts, presumably a western.
A single killdeer was calling from over at the river. 
Not much else doing apart from zillions of crickets and grasshoppers, oh, and the customary hungry mosquitoes.     

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