Sunday, 29 August 2010

Poor Peep Show


A check of the marsh and channels in the Holden Creek area at low tide today revealed little of note.
Highlights included 12 western and 1 semi-palmated sandpiper among 26 least sandpipers. A single killdeer was over the marsh.
A Lincoln's sparrow was in brambles along the raised flood bank.


Once again I headed down to the estuary to see if any 'new' shorebirds had dropped in at Holden Creek. The same problem persists at his site, as it has during the whole shorebird migration period, where few tides are significant enough, in height, to fill the dried up pools on the marsh. Obviously, the ongoing lack of rainfall only adds to the issue.  
Consequently, there seems to be little to attract passing waders, other than the tidal creeks. Today's paltry mud dwellers consisted of just 37 least sandpipers and 6 western sandpipers
Still quite a few juvenile cowbirds hanging around the cattle.

* 2 black swift were over the house, in Cedar, at 7.50pm

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