Saturday, 7 August 2010

Precipitation anticipation deflation.

Stomping around the marshes, cold and wet in the persistent rain, reminded me of being back in England in August. Except there are fewer birds here.

My customary optimism was once again, unrewarded this morning at Holden Creek - I was confident that the overnight downpour would have dropped something interesting, and of course fill the dry pools with some much needed water to attract passing waders.
Sadly the birds, as is their wont, did what they wanted and ignored my 'expert' predictions. Bloody birds.
So, what was the result of my extremely thorough trawl around the boggy estuary today, other than getting an absolute soaking?
Somewhere in the region of 45 least sandpiper (juv pictured), 2 killdeer and 5 lesser yellowlegs.
The supporting cast was nothing to write home about - red-tailed hawks, bald eagle, barn swallows, orange-crowned warblers, bushtit, house finch, cowbird etc. The Canada goose flock has now tipped the 300 mark.


  1. Hi Jon

    Thought it time I made a comment on your blog, and I must say it still seems a little odd - in a way - to hear an ex 'Aldcliffe Birder' recording c.45 Least Sandpipers etc, etc, plus a 'supporting cast of Bald Eagles and Cowbirds....still, this of course is Canada isn't it.

    Best Wishes from a not so sunny (again) City of Lancaster in the good old UK.

  2. Hey - good to hear from you Pete. I still keep an eye on your site, and others from my old neck of the woods.
    It's funny how quickly we get used to a species we would have once made a massive deal about! I remember twitching a least sandpiper in Worcestershire (Upton Warren, as it happens) back in 1988 - it was pretty big deal back then... now I seem them almost daily!
    Now, if I find a little stint or ruff over here, that would be major news!

    Cheers for the message, and please pass on my regards to John Bateman.