Saturday, 16 October 2010

The bear neccesities

After a 27 hour trip back to Cedar from merry olde England, I was rather too tired to get up and do any birding this morning.
Jenny and I took a stroll around Hemer at midday, enjoying the glorious autumn sunshine. Not much to get excited about bird-wise, but it was evident that yet more juncos and robins had arrived in the last couple of weeks.

Later, I headed down to Holden Creek, where I bumped into Ryan Cathers. A group of geese in the near field was made up of 62 white-fronted and 46 cackling geese. The usual flock of 200ish Canada geese were in the far field.
A pair of greater yellowlegs were feeding on the marsh pools and a lone, but noisy, killdeer was also present.
Numbers of green-winged teal still seem pretty low, and other than a handful of American wigeon and mallard there was nothing much in the way of wildfowl. A couple of red-tailed hawks were hunting around the area.
After a while I decided to check out the Nanaimo River estuary at Raines Road. A single hunter was out on the marsh but was coming away empty handed. The 300 or so wigeon present were too far out for shooting at. Also offshore, were a few greater scaup and surf scoters.
A wander along the hedge revealed little of interest, apart from a couple of finch/sparrow flocks. Each contained just the expected commoner species.

Of note was the earth-shattering and extremely scientific discovery that, while bears obviously do shit in the woods, they also clearly, and unequivocally, shit on the estuary too.

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