Friday, 1 October 2010

No Net Nonsense

Broadband issues continue to plague me at home, so here's a very brief recap of the past couple of days' sightings...

Wednesday: 22 greater whitefronted geese in fields at Holden Creek among c300 Canadas. Just 2 long-billed dowitchers there.

Thursday: Influx of American wigeon on the Nanaimo River estuary with c500 birds present. Couple of bald eagles kicking around, but otherwise pretty quiet.

Will be away for a couple of weeks from hereon in - so it's time to go and find that biggy on the estuary! Keep checking the blog though, as I'll be posting my sightings from the UK (don't know how much birding I'll be doing, maybe my posts will all be about Lancashire pub interiors...)

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