Friday, 22 October 2010

Early trundle

I managed to get up in time for a trawl around the Nanaimo River estuary for the first hour of daylight this morning.
It was very peaceful, and I loved having the place to myself.
What was presumably the same northern shrike that I came across yesterday, was singing from a prominent perch along the long hedge. After a short while, it flew off to mob a juvenile red-tailed hawk that was sat on a post out on the marsh. Curiously, the alarm call that the shrike used, sounded a lot like a dunlin!
I could hear a Wilson's snipe calling from somewhere, and I later saw one being relentlessly targeted by a persistent peregrine
Pintails were coming over in small groups, and large rafts of American wigeon were out on the water.
Both the male and juvenile northern harrier were hunting around the area.

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