Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shrike a light!

Yesterday's attempt at a bit of post-work birding at the Nanaimo River estuary was scuppered by the rolling fog that reduced visibility considerably. Also, a couple of local rifle-toting teens were shooting at anything that moved, and I didn't much fancy being one of those anythings...

This evening was slightly better, in as much as I could actually see a little bit, despite the fading light and onset of rain. Also, the absence of guns was an improvement. There wasn't much doing, however.
A curious bubbling song led me to a nice northern shrike singing away from the tangled depths of a hawthorn near the 'kidney pools', but other than that it was pretty quiet.
With a wet weekend forecast, I can't imagine the next few days being too exciting... maybe some passage stuff will get grounded? Let's see. 

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