Saturday, 24 July 2010

Is There Life On Marsh?

Managed a visit to Holden Creek at low tide this morning.
Even though birds can be harder to locate at this site at low tide, at least there is access and no fear of getting cut off while out on the marsh!
As has been the case just lately, there were no waders along the creek. It seems that one is more likely to find good numbers of peeps on the muddy channels on the dropping tide, and especially when there are large numbers present in the area.
The lack of rain, and no particularly high tides, has left much of the marsh rather dry - and even the back pool, which often holds water and is consistent for attracting feeding shorebirds, was barely muddy.
Assuming I'd hit one of those blank days, I decided to check out all the potential areas, on the off-chance that I might find a bird or two.
As it happened, one smelly wet corner still had a bit of foul water in it, and consequently some birds to look at.
There were 12 least sandpiper, 3 semi-palmated sandpiper, 1 killdeer, 2 greater ( middle pic) & 2 lesser yellowlegs (top pic) and 2 pectoral sandpipers (bottom pic).
A few inspections of other areas of the marsh produced just 8 more leasts, 1 spotted sandpiper and 4 killdeer.

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