Saturday, 3 July 2010

Nanaimo River sightings

A root around at the Nanaimo River estuary this morning was pretty uneventful, though the weather was, at least, very pleasant.
Highlights included a mute swan & 2 juv hooded mergansers on the river. An osprey performed well, catching a fish, and a mini-influx of sub-adult bald eagles were in the area.
Cedar waxwings, yellow & orange-crowned warblers, etc were all present and correct.

At Holden Creek I counted: 2 semi-palmated sandpiper, 5 western (one of which pictured) & 67 least sandpipers. Several spotted sandpiper were around, as usual, and at least 2 nearly fully-fledged youngsters were seen.  
American goldfinches were particularly noticeable, as were lots of savannah sparrows. All the hirundines seem to have produced plenty of young.


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